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A lifelong resident of the Napa Valley, Fitzpatrick-Webb started piano lessons at the age of six and studied until she graduated from Calistoga High School in the mid-80s. In school she was part of several bands, playing trumpet and French horn. She also played piano and guitar and sang regularly with youth choirs and church ensembles.

It was in college that Fitzpatrick-Webb realized her passion for art wasn’t limited to the performing arts; after graduating with a degree in art from California State University, Sacramento, she worked for several years as the design director for Ludgate Communications, London’s largest PR firm.

When she decided to start a family, Fitzpatrick-Webb also started her own freelance graphic design business, while still staying connected to her music side by playing trumpet and singing with local groups.

Though her children are now grown, Fitzpatrick-Webb continues to do freelance graphic design, creating a vast array of illustrations, marketing materials, and designs for multiple clients around the globe. She regularly performs with the St. Helena Community Band and other local ensembles and sings with the choir at St. Joan of Arc in Yountville.

She has been teaching for PCA since 2022.

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