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Becky St. Clair holds a degree in English from Walla Walla University (Washington State), where she also earned a music minor in both voice and percussion, specializing in mallet percussion. During all four years of college, St. Clair performed with the wind symphony, chorale, I Cantori, VOX, and the steel drum band at WWU, touring to various places including the San Juan Islands, Florida, Seattle, Tennessee, and Bermuda.

Since 2007, St. Clair has worked in public relations in the non-profit sector, almost solely in private education. This experience has allowed her opportunities to meet, interview, and publish stories about people from all corners of the world. She has also been part of several special projects for various organizations, including co-producing an award-winning mini-documentary film. In 2022, she worked on a book project for Pacific Press Publishing Association, for which she was managing editor.

St. Clair is director of PCA, and manages the office for the department of music at Pacific Union College. Outside of her music work, she is a freelance writer and editor.

Becky has been part of the PCA staff since 2019 and director since 2021.

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